What is Credit Life Insurance?

Credit Life Insurance is a variant of life- assured risk life insurances developed for loans. This product, which is mostly signed between documents when a loan is taken from the bank; in case of death, it enters into the guarantee of the remaining balance of your loan and ensures that the insurance company pays this balance to the bank. Especially because of the loss of income due to the death of the family to pay the loan, this product is the lifeline of many families to save the future.


Do You Know the Real Value of Credit Life Insurance?

Do You Know the Real Value of Credit Life Insurance?

While the primary focus of consumers on credit purchases is credit interest rates, the additional costs of the loan are also assessed when negotiating with the bank. Of course, one of these cost items known as file charges and expert fees is “Credit Life Insurance” naturally. So do you show a similar effort given for file expenses in the pricing of credit life insurance? For example, when your bank offers you credit life insurance, do you compare it to a different credit life insurance offer that will secure the same debt? Do you seek a more suitable alternative to your budget in these insurances, whose housing prices are well stocked, especially in the case of large-scale credit withdrawals?


You Don’t Have to Buy from the Bank!

You Don

In fact, Credit Life Insurance is not compulsory insurance. However, it is an insurance that is deemed valuable by the borrowers and makes them comfortable because it protects many families against the risk of death. It’s good that you’re comfortable at this point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look for an alternative for your purse.

There is a very basic regulation that gives you the right to carry out this research and propose a new insurance offer to your bank: The Regulation on the Implementing Principles of Insurances Related to Personal Loans an issued by the Undersecretariat of Treasury 11. :

  • ARTICLE 11 – (1) In credit-related insurances mediated by the credit institution; can submit a new insurance policy, which uses credit, meets the collateral and period requirements requested by the credit institution, and which is the credit institution, to the credit institution within one month from the start date of the existing policy or participation certificate.
  • ARTICLE 13 – (1) The right of the borrower to choose the insurance company cannot be limited. All conditions stipulated in the insurance contract or credit agreement for the construction of the insurance to a certain insurance company are null and void.

Personal and Non-Bank Personal Loans

Are you looking for a personal loan either from a bank or non-bank?

The following are conditions for applying for personal loans from banks and non-banks.

The following are conditions for applying for personal loans from banks and non-banks.

In everyday life you will definitely have problems. Both those that are emotional and various other problems that are often faced by humans. These types of obstacles can endanger your life if they are not resolved properly.

If you take the wrong step, your psychological condition will also be disrupted. When there is a need or problem related to finance and at the same time your financial condition is not good, then clearly your problem gets worse.

If you don’t have valuables such as gold to be used as collateral, then inevitably you need a personal bank loan or a non-bank personal loan. Check out the following review!

Now there are unsecured loan service facilities. With this facility, you don’t need to be confused when you run out of money or need money in an emergency.

This facility will give you services to borrow a certain amount of cash without having to include a guarantee in advance. You can also apply for loans in various financial institutions both banks and non-banks.

But there are still people who are afraid if they have to borrow money from the bank. If you are one of these people, then you can consider a place to borrow money other than a bank.

Basically, the way to borrow is the same. You can get a short-term, non-bank personal fund loan and a relatively sufficient amount to meet your distinguishing needs. Usually non-bank financial institutions will provide a loan nominal of around 3 to IDR 5 Rupiah.

Even so, you still need to be able to prepare the requirements requested by the non-bank institution so that what you submit is acceptable and you can also get the loan quickly.

Some documents as a requirement for obtaining cash loans without non-bank collateral are photocopies of ID cards, photocopies of NPWP, photocopies, family cards, work certificates and salary slips. Here we submit some special terms and procedures that you must fulfill in order to be able to apply for Unsecured Credit (KTA) by online, namely:

  1. Indonesian citizen

This one requirement is the first requirement if you want to apply for all forms of loans, both non-bank unsecured loans without a credit card. You are required by an Indonesian citizen as evidenced by your identity card in the form of a National Identity Card.

  1. Age limit

In addition to the obligation of an Indonesian citizen, you can make loans with a minimum age of 21 years and a maximum limit of 60 years until when your loan repayment occurs. Even so, there may be several financial institutions that still provide relief to prospective borrowers under the age of 21. There is a reason why prospective borrowers must be at least 21 years old, namely because the age is considered mature enough in terms of financial and mindset so that they can understand the terms and conditions that apply in making a loan well.

  1. Income limit

The income limit will also determine you to apply for this KTA non-bank personal loan. This refers to economic conditions in regions that are quite different. Thus, both banks and non-banks will apply a minimum income equivalent to the Minimum Wage (Regional Minimum Wage) in the local area.

  1. Loan limit

For types of non-bak loans, especially KTA types, the repayment plan is usually not too long, usually around 15 to 30 days. With the nominal amount mentioned above which is around 3 to 5 million Rupiah. The interest charged is also quite large per day, which is 1% per day. So, you must be able to pay interest of 30% if you will loan funds with a period of 30 days. You also have to pay late payment fees if you are late paying a loan of Rp 50,000 for the first day and Rp. 10,000 for the next day.

Considerations Before Borrowing Personal Funds

Considerations Before Borrowing Personal Funds

  1. Ensure that the non-bank institution already has a business license. Many financial offices are open, but there are some that are not provided with a business permit so that if something bad happens, then you cannot sue the institution.
  2. If you want to make an online loan like Philip Carey on an online loan, you should know the office directly. Already many websites offer loans, but they can be just fraudsters and don’t have official offices.
  3. Understand syaarat and the conditions that apply. Many people still underestimate it. But you must read carefully and do not just sign the agreement. Because there could be conditions that don’t benefit you.
  4. Know exactly how to pay it off. There are several private bank loans that do not apply installments or installments in repayment, instead directly pay in cash between the amount you borrow and plus interest rates.


Mortgage loans: Best and cheapest mortgage today

Cheapest Mortgage – What Should You Know?

Cheapest Mortgage - What Should You Know?

Maybe you haven’t heard of a mortgage loan before – but you certainly know this type of mortgage loan, also called a mortgage loan.

If you are going to buy new housing, you will undoubtedly come across mortgage loans, as few people can afford to pay their own pocket for a new property.

First of all, you need to know that a cheap mortgage loan is a type of loan that you take with a mortgage credit institution when purchasing a house or other property.

With the cheapest mortgage loan you only fund up to 80% of a yearly price of a holiday home and up to 75% of the price of a holiday home’s price.

Mortgage loans - credit rating

A mortgage loan is also a bond loan, which is financed through what is called bonds.

Mortgage bonds are issued by mortgage banks, which can also be described as a form of debt.

It seems that a loan provider issues so-called bonds to investors who then invest their money in the mortgage-credit institution.

What you ultimately pay for is repayments, contributions and interest on your loan. You pay these costs to the loan provider, who then pays it to the investors.

Best mortgage – how to pay the rest of the home purchase

As mentioned earlier, with the best mortgage, you can only borrow 75-80% of the price of your new property.

But what do you do with the rest?

The remaining 20-25% of your home’s value, you can fund by what is called a home loan . You can borrow a mortgage from a bank or an online loan provider.

On the web there is a sea of ​​loan companies that offer a supplement to a mortgage loan. You can borrow up to 500,000 kroner online, which you can use to pay the rest of the home.

This gives you sufficient capital to be able to finance your home purchase.

Mortgage loan requirements

As with any other loan, there are certain requirements that you must meet before you can be approved for a mortgage.

Typically, the mortgage bank will make a thorough assessment of your income, debt ratio and budget, as they will make sure that you are creditworthy.

So here’s your credit rating that plays a crucial role when you want to take out a cheap mortgage loan.

When applying for a loan from an online lending company, you should normally be able to meet requirements in connection with age, residence, debt and income.

These requirements must be met:

  • You must either be 18, 21 or 25 years of age, depending on the provider.
  • You must have NemID and a NemKonto.
  • You must have lived 12 months in Denmark.

Mortgage loans – credit rating

Since mortgage loans often involve large loan amounts, most loan providers will make a thorough credit assessment of you.

A credit rating is, basically, an assessment of the likelihood of you being able to repay your loan.

Of course, there is always some risk associated with lending money to people – and therefore, the loan providers will do what they can to ensure that they get the money back.

For credit rating, your potential loan provider will look at your current economy, assessing your ability to repay the loan, and whether there is any room in the economy to borrow.

The better your finances are, the greater the amount you can borrow.

The loan provider is not only interested in the fact that you can repay the loan but also that you can afford to pay your other fixed expenses.

Some loan providers will ask you to submit your annual statement or your previous payslips to see how your budget looks.

A credit rating also looks at whether you have previously been good at repaying your loans.

In other words, if you have overdrafts on the account or owe the public money, it may have a negative impact on your credit rating.

Therefore, it is a good idea to get this right before applying for a loan.

From your credit rating, the loan provider will determine how much money you can borrow from them, how your interest rate should look, and whether you can be granted a mortgage at all.

Home loan for real estate purchase, even without self-help, with favorable interest

Housing loan with favorable terms, whether you can get real estate without self-help, read the terms.

Home loans simply if you want to buy real estate, mortgage loans are the most favorable financing option.

Home loans simply if you want to buy real estate, mortgage loans are the most favorable financing option.

They are not only available for buying a residential property. You can buy house, cottages, bungalow, garage and a plot of land for housing loans!

Real estate loans are offered by financial institutions on a basis, usually with a maximum maturity of 30-35 years. Borrowing requires real estate collateral, but there is no requirement that the owner of the collateral is the owner of the property, so that anyone can offer real estate collateral without any restrictions on their relatives. If the loan is covered only by the property you want to buy, you will need a minimum of 20% of your equity. According to the rules, up to 80% of the market value of the collateral can be credited, but you can substitute your own fortune by adding an additional cover. If you want to buy a residential property, you can use a government-supported loan besides the market rate home loan. Which is more favorable for the market because the state provides interest subsidy to pay the monthly installment. At this point, it should be noted that there is also a significant difference between home and home loans . This is how you used it or spend it on a new apartment. If you purchase the former, you can claim a home loan of up to 5 years, but you can claim a home loan with up to 20 years of interest.

In addition, there are, of course, other designs for home purchase (such as leasing), but there is no market for mortgage loans at the moment.

If you hit your head on buying a home, sooner or later you will choose a home mortgage , but it doesn’t matter what financial institution you pick up! Some banks, so many options, so make sure you compare your home loan offers with our site before you decide, and just put your voucher next to the best credit facility! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Mortgage, I want to pick up what you should pay attention to?

The mortgage loan is usually used to buy real estate, although if you use it for free, you can spend almost anything on it.

The mortgage loan is usually used to buy real estate, although if you use it for free, you can spend almost anything on it.

You need to think carefully about what, how much, and where you buy it, because you can go wrong if you make a hasty decision!


The question is whether you should give the credit or not. For home loans, construction loans, and debt settlement loans, this is mandatory, but you can spend your free-use mortgage on anything, so you don’t have to give it to the bank. The type of collateral should also be specified, which may be real estate, but also a tangible asset such as a car.


The next is that you need to determine the amount of credit you want to buy, but you should know that this may be up to 80% of the market value of the collateral for mortgage loans . More than that, if you include a secondary cover in the credit transaction, which may be real estate or movable. You will then need to find a credit facility that has a long enough maturity and low interest rate to pay your installments safely and continuously. If you do all this, then it will be hard to meet the expectations of the selected bank. You need to get the right documents and submit your application. Since it is a mortgage loan , the term of the credit assessment will be much longer than a personal loan, sometimes up to a month.


It is important to know that if you want to take out a mortgage you will have the costs you cannot cover from the loan, so you have to calculate with the fees of valuation, credit assessment, disbursement, notary or land office!


As described above, you should definitely review and compare your options, and you can do it very easily with our site, and then you can pick up the most favorable mortgage . If you have any questions or would like to ask for advice, please contact us at our contact details!

Home Loans – What You Should Know About It?

If you want to buy an apartment, you have a number of options to choose from, but generally speaking, customers tend to opt for home loans because they offer the best conditions and the lowest interest rates compared to other credit schemes.

Housing loans have a maturity of up to 35 years, the loan amount can be up to 50 million forints and the development of repayment installments is also favorable.

The eligible amount is 80% of the estimated market value of the underlying property, but may include a secondary property, or a taxpayer, as well as a Family Housing Discount, that is, a or a personal loan, up to 100%. can be achieved. Of course, there are other methods, for example, you can find a property that has a lower purchase price than its market value, so you can easily make a home loan without self-sufficiency. The cover may be any home or exterior property, such as a family house, apartment, row house, holiday home, weekend house, or even a building site.

The conditions for applying for home loans do not differ from other secured loans.   The age of 18 is mandatory, as is the minimum of three months of employment. If you are a pensioner, you can also resolve your last three-month bank statement or pension notification. Hungarian citizenship or, in the case of a foreign national, a permanent Hungarian address is also required, and your income must reach the minimum wage. And the most important criterion is: of course you can’t be on the negative debtor list! The home loan is judged upon receipt of the complete documentation and the administration takes about two weeks; during this time, the valuation and the evaluation will be completed, and after the signing of the contract, it will be disbursed the next day!

If you want to add a home loan and the conditions can be met for you, make sure to compare the available offers to make the best of them! Do you have any questions about home loans ? Contact us for more information, please help!

You can compare banks’ current personal loan offers in one place!

You can compare banks

Are you unconscious? Don’t have time to deal with credit management? We are happy to help you with all the advice and the full administration of your credit .

Bank loans in several variants.


Bank focuses on community in the local area, cooperation and presence between bank and customer. Whether you need to take out a loan today, start an insurance, start a pension plan, acquire a payment card or something else, you can easily and quickly get help from Bank. In Bank, their slogan is: ” Together we can do more “.

Worth knowing about Bank loan

The slogan of Bank is “together we can more”. With this slogan, tries to tell what they can and will do for the community that you are part of, as well as you as a customer. For Bank, community is very important, which it has been for more than 100 years, since the first cooperatives saw the light of day. For them, community means that they sincerely have an interest in making sure that all their customers are comfortable and happy where they live.

Products at Bank loan

Products at Bank loan

As a customer of Bank, you have the opportunity to get help and benefit from many different products. First, offers several different payment cards and payments. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of loans and credits for housing or consumption, including home loans, refinancing , mortgage, interest home loans, parent purchases, car loans, consumer loans, overdraft and many more . You can also easily get a deposit (basic payment account). In Bank’s loan, there are also three different types of self-service: Netbank, mobile services and ATMs.

In relation to pension and insurance, you as a customer of Bank also have the opportunity to choose from several different solutions. The cooperative bank offers both more options within pension, insurance, non-life insurance and payroll insurance. Among other things, you can choose from four different types of pension schemes: retirement savings, installment pensions, annuities and capital pensions. You can also choose from four different insurances: injury insurance in the event of death, injury prevention in case of illness, child safety in case of death and cross life. The range of non-life insurance is a lot larger at Bank, where you can choose among other things, home insurance, car insurance, accident insurance, pet insurance, etc. In addition, they offer a form of wage insurance .

If you have an interest in investing, Bank offers both investment agreements and investment associations .

Private customer in Bank

As a local bank, Bank has many years of experience in advising private customers. When advising in , there is a focus on assuming that all customers are different and need different things – including advice. As a private customer at Bank, you can be sure of getting local and personal advice. The cooperative can offer everything from car loans , home loans, pension plans, Private Banking Exclusive to customers with a larger wealth, insurance, other loans and credit, and investment.

Business customer in Bank

Business customer in Bank

As a business customer in Bank, you can get business advice close to you and your company. Distributed across Jutland and Funen, Bank has three business centers that build their advice on personal contact and knowledge of each customer’s challenges and opportunities. The advantage of choosing to become a business customer in Bank is that you get advice close to and with focus on you and your company’s individual needs.