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Bank focuses on community in the local area, cooperation and presence between bank and customer. Whether you need to take out a loan today, start an insurance, start a pension plan, acquire a payment card or something else, you can easily and quickly get help from Bank. In Bank, their slogan is: ” Together we can do more “.

Worth knowing about Bank loan

The slogan of Bank is “together we can more”. With this slogan, tries to tell what they can and will do for the community that you are part of, as well as you as a customer. For Bank, community is very important, which it has been for more than 100 years, since the first cooperatives saw the light of day. For them, community means that they sincerely have an interest in making sure that all their customers are comfortable and happy where they live.

Products at Bank loan

Products at Bank loan

As a customer of Bank, you have the opportunity to get help and benefit from many different products. First, offers several different payment cards and payments. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of loans and credits for housing or consumption, including home loans, refinancing , mortgage, interest home loans, parent purchases, car loans, consumer loans, overdraft and many more . You can also easily get a deposit (basic payment account). In Bank’s loan, there are also three different types of self-service: Netbank, mobile services and ATMs.

In relation to pension and insurance, you as a customer of Bank also have the opportunity to choose from several different solutions. The cooperative bank offers both more options within pension, insurance, non-life insurance and payroll insurance. Among other things, you can choose from four different types of pension schemes: retirement savings, installment pensions, annuities and capital pensions. You can also choose from four different insurances: injury insurance in the event of death, injury prevention in case of illness, child safety in case of death and cross life. The range of non-life insurance is a lot larger at Bank, where you can choose among other things, home insurance, car insurance, accident insurance, pet insurance, etc. In addition, they offer a form of wage insurance .

If you have an interest in investing, Bank offers both investment agreements and investment associations .

Private customer in Bank

As a local bank, Bank has many years of experience in advising private customers. When advising in , there is a focus on assuming that all customers are different and need different things – including advice. As a private customer at Bank, you can be sure of getting local and personal advice. The cooperative can offer everything from car loans , home loans, pension plans, Private Banking Exclusive to customers with a larger wealth, insurance, other loans and credit, and investment.

Business customer in Bank

Business customer in Bank

As a business customer in Bank, you can get business advice close to you and your company. Distributed across Jutland and Funen, Bank has three business centers that build their advice on personal contact and knowledge of each customer’s challenges and opportunities. The advantage of choosing to become a business customer in Bank is that you get advice close to and with focus on you and your company’s individual needs.