Mortgage, I want to pick up what you should pay attention to?

The mortgage loan is usually used to buy real estate, although if you use it for free, you can spend almost anything on it.

The mortgage loan is usually used to buy real estate, although if you use it for free, you can spend almost anything on it.

You need to think carefully about what, how much, and where you buy it, because you can go wrong if you make a hasty decision!


The question is whether you should give the credit or not. For home loans, construction loans, and debt settlement loans, this is mandatory, but you can spend your free-use mortgage on anything, so you don’t have to give it to the bank. The type of collateral should also be specified, which may be real estate, but also a tangible asset such as a car.


The next is that you need to determine the amount of credit you want to buy, but you should know that this may be up to 80% of the market value of the collateral for mortgage loans . More than that, if you include a secondary cover in the credit transaction, which may be real estate or movable. You will then need to find a credit facility that has a long enough maturity and low interest rate to pay your installments safely and continuously. If you do all this, then it will be hard to meet the expectations of the selected bank. You need to get the right documents and submit your application. Since it is a mortgage loan , the term of the credit assessment will be much longer than a personal loan, sometimes up to a month.


It is important to know that if you want to take out a mortgage you will have the costs you cannot cover from the loan, so you have to calculate with the fees of valuation, credit assessment, disbursement, notary or land office!


As described above, you should definitely review and compare your options, and you can do it very easily with our site, and then you can pick up the most favorable mortgage . If you have any questions or would like to ask for advice, please contact us at our contact details!

Home Loans – What You Should Know About It?

If you want to buy an apartment, you have a number of options to choose from, but generally speaking, customers tend to opt for home loans because they offer the best conditions and the lowest interest rates compared to other credit schemes.

Housing loans have a maturity of up to 35 years, the loan amount can be up to 50 million forints and the development of repayment installments is also favorable.

The eligible amount is 80% of the estimated market value of the underlying property, but may include a secondary property, or a taxpayer, as well as a Family Housing Discount, that is, a or a personal loan, up to 100%. can be achieved. Of course, there are other methods, for example, you can find a property that has a lower purchase price than its market value, so you can easily make a home loan without self-sufficiency. The cover may be any home or exterior property, such as a family house, apartment, row house, holiday home, weekend house, or even a building site.

The conditions for applying for home loans do not differ from other secured loans.   The age of 18 is mandatory, as is the minimum of three months of employment. If you are a pensioner, you can also resolve your last three-month bank statement or pension notification. Hungarian citizenship or, in the case of a foreign national, a permanent Hungarian address is also required, and your income must reach the minimum wage. And the most important criterion is: of course you can’t be on the negative debtor list! The home loan is judged upon receipt of the complete documentation and the administration takes about two weeks; during this time, the valuation and the evaluation will be completed, and after the signing of the contract, it will be disbursed the next day!

If you want to add a home loan and the conditions can be met for you, make sure to compare the available offers to make the best of them! Do you have any questions about home loans ? Contact us for more information, please help!

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